Monday, July 28, 2008

Our Pioneer Day Weekend!

Billy and I had a great time this weekend! It was so good to see all of Billy's high school friends and get back into touch with everyone! Billy went to see the Dark Knight for Skyler's last bash before the BIG DAY! Congrats Skyler and Becky! He also got to go up to Deer Valley biking with Trevor on Saturday...he said it was awesome. We hope that all continues to be well with everyone and we hope to see you all again sometime soon!

Billy and I got to take a drive up American Fork Canyon and the alpine loop yesterday for our Youth Conference scout out and it was absolutely gorgeous! We are so excited for this weekend and the opportunity to head up there again! Billy really wants to go through Timp being that he hasn't done it before, just a heads up Bush family! We will post lots of fun pics after this weekend!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The House, Lyric and all our fun vacations..... we moved into our fun little house in September of last year and although Billy will tell you that home ownership is a job never finished it's been more then we could ever have imagined. I can't tell you how nice it is to have a kitchen to cook in with burners that don't catch on fire :), as cliche as it is we couldn't go our entire married, childless lives without the joy of dog ownership. We adopted our Lyric in March of this year and she is 6 whole months already! Billy had never had a puppy so it was a pretty new experience for him and although it was an adjustment at first, as I am sure he has told you all....We can't imagine our lives without her, well most of the time, at least unless she is talking back (yes she barks at us when she is mad), or peeing on our bed, or trying to knaw our hands off.... :) we really do love her though, I promise!

Vacations....So after the honeymoon in cali and vegas we have had the opportunity to travel a little bit. We head up to idaho on a regular basis to visit with Billy's family and cali as well to see mine. But the real vaca came up last February when we finally took our real honeymoon. We had been putting it off for a year and a half with me graduating and Billy's business and then the house....but we finally did it. We went to Zihuatanejo, Mexico and it was fabulous. We spent every day lounging at the beach and the pool, billy went para sailing, we got to go snorkeling with the fishes (watch out they bite down there, as i found out) and horseback riding on the beautiful beach! The restaurants on the sand and the down to earth people really made it an unforgettable trip. We are excited to have the opportunity to see the other side in December with Billy's family. Billy and I are also currently trying to plan a trip to Europe, he really wants to go back to Spain for a little while as would I, so we will see how that all goes and keep you posted.

Here we go!

Hey all! so here we are for the first time ever trying out this whole blog spot thing. We hope this can help us to stay in better touch with our family and close friends! Thanks Court! So here is what Billy and I have been up to....

After the wedding in 2006....I graduated from the U and what a relief! Billy has started his own business venture and loves every minute of it, we bought our first house and our first dog! It's been quite the journey but we are lovin life and can't begin to tell you how quickly the time has gone by. We will be celebrating two full years on August 11th and can't hardly believe it. Billy's brother Jordan will be home in October from his mission and we are so excited to have him home again! The whole Bush family will be heading to Mexico in December and we are sure to have a blast! We are so thankful for our entire family and all of the love and support we have received over the course of both of our lives.

We can't wait to see what will happen next....

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