Monday, July 28, 2008

Our Pioneer Day Weekend!

Billy and I had a great time this weekend! It was so good to see all of Billy's high school friends and get back into touch with everyone! Billy went to see the Dark Knight for Skyler's last bash before the BIG DAY! Congrats Skyler and Becky! He also got to go up to Deer Valley biking with Trevor on Saturday...he said it was awesome. We hope that all continues to be well with everyone and we hope to see you all again sometime soon!

Billy and I got to take a drive up American Fork Canyon and the alpine loop yesterday for our Youth Conference scout out and it was absolutely gorgeous! We are so excited for this weekend and the opportunity to head up there again! Billy really wants to go through Timp being that he hasn't done it before, just a heads up Bush family! We will post lots of fun pics after this weekend!


  1. YAY! I'm glad you started the blog :) It can get addicting but really is so much fun to stay in touch with friends. Good to see you guys on Friday... can't wait for hamburgers in Roy!

  2. Hey Tonya! Yeah we bought a house and it's just in that very front of cloverdale. It's way close to Bill and Teresa and of course my parents. ha ha Billy may even know the guy I bought it from. His name is Brant Sautter, he went to Bonneville. I graduated with his little brother but I don't know if Billy graduated with him or not. Anyway, hope things are going well. I'll keep ya updated!


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