Friday, March 27, 2009

say cheese...

so bb has been begging for a new camera...but not just any camera....the slr...
i'll be honest here and admit i was never against the idea of this new camera but the price tag has kept us at bay for a little while yet...but then i saw these photos taken by my beautiful cousin who is getting into photography and right away i thought, i really do need that slr... :)

i think i might frame my new fun finds in bb's office makeover that we will get to....someday....and every day from now until i finally break down you will probably be able to find me drooling and googling slr cameras.... ::sigh::

on a side note....well done ash!


  1. I finally talked AL into getting me a really nice Nikon SLR for my birthday. Maybe I'm not supposed to know that, but hooray for SLR cameras and Ash's pics

  2. We got one right before we went to New Orleans. They are so worth the investment. We have the Nikon D60. It is so great, I am still learning...but I love it!!!

  3. Hey Tonya, this is Traci Wilson. I stole your blog address off of someone else's blog. Hehe. Can you email me so I can invite you to my blog? My email is

    I was so sad to hear you are not my visiting teacher anymore!


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