Wednesday, September 9, 2009

the backyard....

our labor day excursions included a makeover on our backyard...which was very was pretty much just dead grass and dirt trails left behind from our beloved lyric....billy's padres came down for a quick weekend visit and helped us rebuild our yard! they were awesome and so hard working....i felt really bad my little pregnant self watching everyone do the hard work and heavy lifting but they were all troopers! billy has been trying to nurse our yard back to life for a couple weeks and it is doing fairly well...although probably won't be completely recovered until next year....

so the project this weekend included a flower bed, a garden area, a chiminea, some pavers and a sprinkler system! and we got a whole lot a special thank you to momma and papa bush because they did an amazing job and we really appreciated all of their here are some pictures of our newest updates...

the garden area....

flower bed
chiminea....we still have a lot of work to do...the garden will be planted next year and the pavers hopefully will be finished before the winter...but it just looked so nice out there tonight we couldn't help but enjoy a little bit of home cookin'....


  1. Looks great. I hope the lawn will recover. I helped lay that sod when I was pregnant. I was in a lot of pain afterwards.

    How are Baby Boy Bush and mama getting along?

  2. You have wonderful in-laws! It looks so great! And I'm so jealous of that dinner! It looks delish!!!

  3. Your yard looks great! Everybody did such a good job. Any chance you could all come over to our house and give our yard some tlc? :)

  4. Oh, so fun! One of my favorie things is working out in the yard all day and then being able to sit and enjoy your work on a nice summer evening. Hope you are feeling good and grwoing lots!! :)

  5. Looking good!! We just cut down a few trees in our yard. So I want to just redo the whole thing. Maybe you should come do mine ha ha. Oh hey Teresa told me BIlly had a blog and some of the stuff he talks about ha ha. I really want to read it? What's his blog address?


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