Monday, November 9, 2009

bump update....

today we had our first appointment in our third so we are two thirds there which is absolutely amazing to me...and a little sad because i know this trimester will be the quickest with the holidays blazing up on us....i am sure that won't keep me from complaining every day in january though haha....

the baby is measuring a little ahead of the due date again so we will see where he lands!! everything is looking good and billy and i are sooo excited!

the boy doesn't like those ultrasounds too much anymore :) he either looks straight on or only gives us the back of his head so getting that cute profile shot is pretty much out of the question anymore....oh and the doc says the baby is head down and there is a good chance he will stay that way...please stay that way baby bush!!! :)

head on shot....his eyeball is a little freaky ya!?

belly shot at 28 weeks!


  1. You look SO cute! It makes me wanna be prego! :)

  2. Lookin good Tonya!!! You are such a cutie prego. I bet you're so excited! yay for babies!

  3. I still cannot believe how tiny you are! Just wait your belly is going to double in size... but I have a feeling thats the only thing that is going to get bigger... lucky.

  4. Oh you look so cute!! Hope you are doing good! We should try and get together soon...maybe I will have to come in and see you guys.

  5. ohhh my!!!
    me and austin both think that baby is freaky looking with that gnarly eyeball of his haha
    cant wait till the little guy is here!

    third trimester pics =]

  6. Look at you! That is quite the ultrasound picture. They sure are amazing! Today was my first appointment in my second trimester and I cried ha ha. Too many hormones going on1

  7. You are such a cute little momma! congrats for the third trimester! I love the creepy pictures of the eye


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