Saturday, December 26, 2009

his heart on christmas...

after opening 10 individually wrapped tootsie rolls on christmas morning i finally got to a little blue box with the following note....
yes that's right....a high-tech, ultra secure, retna scan, dna testing lock....:) one of my favorite parts....they couldn't fit billy on the a whole separate card came with the ly...
we spent christmas 2009 with the bush bunch and we loved eve was spent with the entire extended family and papa bush's accordion versions of every christmas song there ever was quite entertaining....the whole gang got into it and everyone played their own little instruments.... bells.... drums.... you name it, oh boy, we had it...and we weren't half bad either! christmas day was quiet and spent just with the padres and siblings....the usual christmas stuff...opening presents...late breakfast, the boys playing with remote control everything...and hanging out until the evening when we went and saw the new sherlock holmes...good movie.
billy and i feel truly blessed to be able to spend our holidays with friends and helps us to remember the true meaning behind the season and makes our christmas that much more merry christmas to all of our fellow bloggers and we hope you have a very happy new years too!

photo by Billy Bush

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  1. It made me laugh to read the part about "remote control everything" ha ha. I can only imagine the Bush house on Christmas morning! Sounds like it hasn't changed much over the years! :)


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