Monday, April 12, 2010

little moments....

last night you were fussy...i mean i want to chomp on my bottle and stare at the world but i can't and i am frustrated mommy finally went into dad's office, laid you down on the futon....curled her body right up next to yours and breathed you in....your little body melted in my arms and we laid there forehead to forehead until your little almond eyelids closed softly and you drifted off into a dream filled adventure....but i didn't want to put you to bed...i just wanted to lay there...smelling your baby sweet breath and just washed skin....i wanted to stare at that peaceful flawless face of yours until my eyes turned red and i couldn't keep them open anymore....i wanted to keep your little fingers ever so gently wrapped around were all mine right then and i couldn't help but be overwhelmed by the satisfaction of it all....and thought to myself...please just stay like this forever....


  1. Hi!

    I am mommy to Rowdy! Camden is TOO cute!! I just loved your description of yourself, it sounds like me. =) I look forward to following Camden's journey, and oh what a fabulous journey it will be! Congratulations Mamma!

  2. He is absolutely precious!! Congrats and welcome:) Looking forward to following Cam's journey and sharing this experience with you!


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