Thursday, September 16, 2010


yesterday i wrote a rambling post that detailed my woes as of late...and midway through i lost track and decided that my woes weren't that bad...and today i deleted it from my drafts...oh how i love makes me realize how stupid i can sound when i read it out loud.

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  1. OK, this made me laugh because i can totally relate...can't tell you how many posts i deleted after spending a long time writing them as i discover what my thoughts actually sounded like in word form. yikes. (-:
    also, about the puffs- i first learned about puffs from your blog or fb or something when you were talking about camden's eating. i had no idea what they were, so i went to investigate. so glad that you educated me, because they make addison soooo happy! thank you! yes, i totally wished that we lived closer. i am dying to meet camden. hands down- cutest little boy ever!


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