Thursday, December 2, 2010

it happened...

on tuesday, i was at a doctors appointment, for myself actually, but brought along the little man because he has a runny, stuffy nose and i didn't want to inflict a cold upon any potential sitters. camden and i sat patiently in the waiting room and we were soon joined by a vibrant older woman who started a conversation about how ridiculously cold it is in utah right now, and of course i had to agree, being that it was fifteen degrees outside. she had an accent, it sounded european of some sort...i couldn't quite place it. she was oodeling over camden for a little while. we spoke of how tiny he was and that she had a granddaughter that was also very tiny, and she cooed and got him to smile a great big grin...and after a couple of minutes of exclaiming how adorable he was...she asked..."does he have down syndrome?"

i have thought of this moment for a while now...every time a stranger asked to see my little guy i waited for this question...i wondered if it would sting, i wondered how i would respond, i wondered if i would cry.

but i surprised myself...i smiled, and answered: "yes, yes he does!" and then i waited for the sting...but it never came.

and then something more surprising happened...this vibrant woman sitting next to me, who i had only known for maybe five minutes, began to cry. they were silent tears, and as she wiped them away she looked at me and said " i have such a special place in my heart for these little kids, i know they were sent here to teach us how to love".

i didn't quite know what to do, or how to respond, so i just listened...and she went on to explain that her very good friend had a boy with down syndrome, who was now in his thirties, and how special he was, and her many other encounters.

she was then called back by the doctor, and i was left in the waiting room alone, with my little boy. and i waited for the emotions to come, and i wondered which would join me in that room...i didn't feel anger, i didn't feel sadness, i didn't feel jealousy...i felt blessed.


  1. Great I just got myself to stop crying and this post has got me started again! We are so blessed! Thanks for sharing.

  2. And we are all blessed to have this little man a part of our family! Thank you for sharing!

  3. jeez tonya make me cry now haha
    i love this little man with all my heart and that random stranger was so right about him and all the kids like him! they are amazing and they are brought down here to teach us to love. Camden has blesses the lives of all those who come in contact with him and he will continue blessing us every day. He will never stop loving and he will always be our little cambam da man =]

    Eddie & Ash

  4. Yes - very blessed. Great story.

  5. What a neat story. That is something you'll be able to cherish forever.

  6. I love your blog. You have such a talent for sharing the thoughts and feelings of your journey. We are blessed and I'm happy to hear the sting wasn't there. There's no reason for it to be there. Wishing your family a very happy holiday season!

  7. I know I made a comment on facebook... but I truly love this... and our sweet little blessings!

  8. I totally agree with the lady- they were sent here to show us how to love! I really think they were!! We are super blessed to be the parents of these truly special children!!

  9. This little grandson of mine as made me really look at life and the blessings we have and he has placed one of the biggest blessing in my life by being sent her to you, my daughter. His smile and is selfless love will always remind us that he is perfect and we are truly blessed.
    The story is wonderful and I am glad there was no sting for my wonderful daughter are a wonderful, selfless mother and because of the closeness you have with your Heavenly Father and understand his plans for us is why you didn't feel anything by blessings and love.

  10. wow, that made me teary eyed. Great story...thanks for sharing :)


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