Thursday, June 2, 2011

uh oh...

my sweet, innocent, baby boy is a hair puller and biter to boot! we are starting time out this week, since he laughs when mommy signs owie and pretends to cry and since he has branched out farther than family members and thinks that you initiate play time by grabbing hold of the nearest head of hair and pulling it in...something has to be done. he goes into nursery at church in just two short months and i definitely do not want to be called up because cam took a chunk out of some kids scalp and laughed about it before he bit him. so we will see how the time out thing goes. if anyone out there has experience and suggestions...please feel free!


  1. I wish I had some suggestions but all I have is empathy. Morgan was a hair pulled until a few years ago. She literally scalped my nephew when she was almost 4. He had a huge bald spot in HHS middle of his head. It was do sad! I think it's good you are starting time out. I think we weren't consistent enough with Morgan's discipline and ghat is probably why her behavior is still her biggest obstacle.

  2. Max was a major biter, hair puller and thrower (metal matchbox cars at people's faces) when he started nursery. He is much better now (8 months later). But he bit me in sacrament meeting just last week! He is growing out of it, but is still the bully once in a while :(
    No advice other than to remove him from the situation, which is what a timeout does. I have to watch him like a hawk when our one yr old niece is around. I'm in the primary presidency so I spend half of my time checking in on nursery anyway. One thing though, you can request a special needs nursery worker be called. We did. Especially just for the safety factor. Max couldn't sit on a chair for snack time, needed to be watched so he wouldn't choke, etc. Unfortunately the gal who was called didn't realize she was supposed to be one on one with Max, and then she got married and moved. But ideally, it is a good idea :)

  3. Emily tried the hair pulling thing too and it seems to have disappeared because we were on her about it right away and made sure it never got her what she wanted, but then I know that wouldn't work for every child, she just lost interest I think. She will start going to the nursery again now that her chemo is done so we will see if that habit rears it's ugly head again :-)

  4. I have zero suggestions! Sorry! Though I couldn't help but laugh when he pulled Brycen's hair during their play date ha ha. Hopefully time outs work!


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