Friday, March 9, 2012

step by step...


it may have taken us almost five months since the day he took his first steps...but he is finally getting there...and loving walking again!

on a side honor of World Down Syndrome Day on 3-21 i am linking up to this little post...the impact of down syndrome...where several fellow mommies, including myself, were asked how having a child with down syndrome has changed their is just the first in a series of posts honoring our littles on this blog, so be sure to follow along.


  1. He is doing so Great! Love the dancing. (I'm assuming this is the same video on FB since my phone does not load video via blog)

  2. Hip Hip Horray for Cam!

    Hip Hip Horray for Mommy!!!

    Great job Tonya. For the record: you are the best mom I know.

  3. Yaay for walking! Also I LOVE that picture of you and Cam on Heidi's post, its so darn cute!


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