Thursday, January 24, 2013

three years...

it is hard to believe that i have been able to wake up to this little face for the last three years....
if someone would have told me what my life would be like today, i would have never believed it.  if someone had told me that i would be the mother of this little stud...

i wouldn't have believed it.
if someone would have told me that not only would i be a mother, but i would be the mother of a beautiful little soul, who would need a little bit of extra, i would have told them i couldn't do it.  because i never thought that i could.

but if camden was given to me for a reason...that reason was to show me that i could.  to show me the person i could potentially become, to show me that there is more to life than what people see with their eyes, to show me that there is more to living than i ever knew possible, to show me the depths of love that few are so lucky to discover.

this journey, is just that, it is a journey.  it isn't a way of life per say, although it alters your way of life...instead i would say that each and every day is a step along a path of not only discovery of another human being, but that of yourself.  and isn't that what life should be?

it is difficult to express the way that i feel about my son...raising children has its highs and its lows, but it is true that the level of fulfillment is unmatched. this year my son has taught me to trust;  to trust him, to trust myself, to trust my husband, to trust God.  thank you camden, for everything you are, for the effect that you have had on your father and myself, for the love that you so freely give and for holding on those first few weeks, for believing in me, when i didn't believe in myself.

happy birthday to my tiny three year the year of three!


  1. Words cannot express how much we love this sweet boy! He brings a joy to our lives we didn't know was possible! Live you Camden, G&G Bush

  2. Happy birthday little stud muffin! So will he be in Kaelyns preschool class now? She goes Monday and Wednesday at 11:00-1:00. If so, she will watch out for him :)


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