Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Yesterday I had my very first mommy of two dilemma. We have been so blessed to have such wonderful mothers and grandmothers here to help out with Camden while I spend my days feeding a newborn and trying to get a schedule down...but I have missed my sweet Camden.

Camden got a stomach bug this week...and although I was fairly certain it was a reaction to his recent uptick in dairy products (cam has been off dairy for allergy purposes since 18 months) I wasn't completely sure...which meant my motherly instincts to wrap that little, sick body up into my arms and smother him in kisses and cuddles were put on the back burner to a newborn who not only needed me but needed me healthy, and without a way to potentially pass a flu bug his way. It was the hardest thing ever to let my sweet mother in law step in and take over my role with Camden. And although I still snuck in a few good cuddles my heart ached.

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