Monday, November 24, 2008


Alright so many of you know that I am a die hard UTAH fan! through and through my blood bleeds red...NOT BLUE! haha and I have pretty much demanded that Billy be as well, although it didn't take much of an argument for him to see my side of things! :) So I just wanted to say....


and yay for a BCS bowl game! Hopefully they will pair us with someone worth playing this time! HORRAY FOR UTAH!
Final Score: 48-24 UTAH vs. BYU HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...k thats kind of mean but still really funny!
12-0 baby! we are going all the way! YAY!!!!!

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  1. Oh my gosh Tonya, our family is die hard Utes fans too! Our whole family on my mom's side are Cougar fans except us! So it was so awesome to watch the game on that Sat when they killed them 48-24. I was so happy that I actually texted some of my family and rubbed it in. ha ha. It was such a good game. Like 5 interceptions! Hope you and Billy are doing well. Miss you guys!! Love ya! Here here on the Utes winning 12-0!


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