Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Let me just start off by saying how truly blessed I am to have my wonderful in-laws! I really do love and appreciate them so much and could never have asked for a better deal! Thanks again Bill and Teresa!

Alright so the amazing Bush padres took Billy and I, Chase and Joe along with them to beautiful Playa Del Carmen, Mexico! And it was awesome!

The hotel was Gorgeous, all open verandas surrounded by ponds and jungle and fun little animal friends!

The beaches were to die for, I have never seen water so blue and sand so white! I loved it and felt right at home in my little lounge chair near the ocean! The water was super warm too and we could have all played in it all day long every day! :)

We got to Paradise on Saturday November 29th and were totally famished from the plane ride so we dropped off our bags and after oohing and awwing at the amazingly beautiful hotel that would be our little home away from home for the next week, wewent straight to what would become our favorite Taco bar! The tacos were awesome and the boys couldn't get enough of them, not only did we hit the taco bar multiple times during our stay but the boys ordered them into the room practically every night through room service! :) On Sunday we went into Playa for church and it really was a neat experience. The people were so friendly and it was amazing to see how many people attend church on their little excursions cause I would have to say that about half of the congregation were tourists! After church we went down to get a good look at the beaches for the first time during the day! AMAZING! and the little town area off the beach was pretty as well although we didn't spend much time shopping that day.

On Monday we had our first all day beach day! and I was ecstatic to lay out under the warm Caribbean sun! The boys took out a catamaran and had some fun learning how to sail....they didn't get very far lol but they had a good time!

Tuesday definitely had to be the highlight for me...we went to the ruins, Chichen Itza and Tulum...and it was fantastic. Teresa and Bill set up a tour with an LDS tour guide and it was so worth it! He was so knowledgeable about the ruins as well as the Book of Mormon and taught us so many interesting things about the Mayan people! It really was kind of a testimony builder and I am so thankful I got to have this amazing experience! I would recommend this to anyone who is able to go down that way!

On Wednesday we had another beach/pool day and I was Lovin' life! The boys got to try out scuba gear in the pool, and now Billy is begging to get certified! :)

Thursday we went to Xel Ha, which is a Lagoon/water park made specifically for snorkeling...the park was beautiful and it was so much fun to get to swim around and look at all the fun fish! They had dolphins too that you could swim with, but it was quite a bit extra so we just watched them do some fun tricks! so cool!
Friday we got to lay out on the beach in the morning and took the afternoon to go into Cancun...I was Lovin' life again because the mall was AMAZING haha...and we got to go into one of Billy's favorite stores, Zara and shop around, they are mostly European based and only have a few locations in the US so we were stoked! Billy and I both walked out with nice new winter coats for fairly reasonable prices, yes we bought Winter Coats in Mexico! haha. We also got to shop around the flee markets for some good deals on cheap Mexican crap lol. It was awesome!

Saturday morning much to our dismay, we were forced to say Farewell to our home away from home! No one wanted to leave, we all had such a good time, and are happy to say that we all made it through the week without any major disasters! No one even got food poisoning!



  1. I'm so jealous! It looks beautiful and so warm! We've been freezing here in Idaho!

    Bryan's new firm has already been planning their company trip to Cancun... problem is that it is the week I am due to have the baby! UGH! So sad!

    Looks like we might be looking for a home in the South Jordan area, so if you hear of any good deals let us know!

  2. I am simply green with envy! Sooooo jealous!

  3. Don't you just love Playa? Dru and I went there on our honeymoon and absolutely loved it!!! We are dying to go back. How was Xel ha? Dru and I did Xcaret but were wondering how the other park was. Was your guide for the ruins named Helaman??? I am so happy you enjoyed your trip. Makes me want to go back very bad!!!

  4. No NYC tickets this year. We couldnt find a place to stay, so looks like we will be living it up on the strip. Get excited for a NYE in LAS VEGAS!! Its going to be crazy

  5. WOW Tanya! I'm so jealous! It looks like you had an awesome time! Andrew and I are trying to plan a beach trip somewhere before Brea turns two (while she's still free) and I've been looking at places in Mexico but I've been a little hesitant because I don't want to end up in the ghetto... so I'm going to need some pointers from you! Hope you guys are doing great even though you had to come back home and start freezing your butts off!

  6. OH I'm glad you guys had fun. I'm so jealous I really want to go to Mexico! I love the picture of JOe in the sand, ha ha. That looks like something he would do. I love you the Bush's!!!! Have a great day today!! Love you guys


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