Saturday, February 6, 2010

bath time....

i promise he liked it.... when we had the warm wash cloth over his little belly... yay for baths! yay for clean, yummy smelling babies!!
bath time started out just like most other baths...get baby naked...fill up tub...but then bath time took a turn...when camden pooped all over grandma bush...yes that's right pooped...hahahaha....i can laugh because it wasn't me...too funny! so prospective mothers out there...they tell you to watch out for little boy's pee....but i think they should fore warn you that their poop can spray out too! :)


  1. And it begins!!! HAHA! Oh, all the lovely surprises! Such sweet pictures. So much fun. Bath time is the best. Or I guess, just after bath time is the best. All warm and snuggly. So yummy!

  2. I love the way the kids smell when they are clean. I remember when Brookie was about 3 weeks old, it was the middle of the night and Drew was changing her diaper and she sneezed. It was like a rocket shot out of her bum and onto his shirt. We laughed histerically, partly because everything is really really funny when you are sleep deprived.

    camden is a cutie!

  3. Ha ha ha that is too funny! I talked to my mom tonight and Teresa had told her the poop story. Fun times!


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