Thursday, March 11, 2010

dear camden....

there are moments when i think you see me, your beautiful steel blue eyes can see right through me...and then i kiss your little neck and you grimace like you are already a teenager thinking "geez mom"...and i laugh to myself and think boy am i in for quite the ride with this one...and then you sigh...your cute little "ahh" sound and i melt at your lovely little sounds and think to myself...quite the ride.
mommy left you alone with daddy (for a split second) and a plate full of yummy chocolate covered fortune cookies (thanks camille)...when i came back you greeted me like this....
i think you liked that chocolate experience of yours...silly daddy.


  1. Camden is absolutely beautiful. I was spoiled to get to see him when I did but need to get another fix of him! I need to come see you guys again!

  2. Too cute! That's about how I look when I get done with chocolate ha ha.

  3. and to think i didn't use the fortune i wrote for camden because i thought, duh, he's not going to get any... :)

    so fun to see you guys. let's do it again soon!


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