Tuesday, March 9, 2010


so when we were in the hospital, just after they told us about camden and down syndrome we had quite a few visitors....the normal friends and family of course but also a lot of "support" for cam...like occupational and speech therapists as well as early intervention and an introduction to the down syndrome foundation...it really was so good to feel and see all of the people that would love our little camden throughout his life. when the down syndrome foundation came they gave us a booklet with a ton of information for new parents...(it covered mostly things like....why, how and what.....but it also had a lot of stories of encouragement and love)....i found the following poem in that booklet and it really confirmed my feelings about my little one...
Before He sent each of His children to earth,
He gave each of them a very carefully
selected package of problems.

These, He promised, smiling, are yours alone.
No one else may have the blessings
these problems will bring you.

And only you have the special talents
and abilities that will be needed
to make these problems your servants.

Now go down to your birth and to your forgetfulness,
Know that I love you beyond measure.
These problems that I give you
are a symbol of that love.

The monument that you make of your life
with the help of your problems
will be a symbol of your love for me,
your father.
by Blaine Yorgason
billy and i feel so blessed to live in a time where so much is available for little camden...in a time where he will be able to get the care he needs to master his new life here. we are so thankful for all of the people that will be in and out of his life and touch it for the better....


  1. Oh my goodness Tonya, beautiful! I am totally teary... I know it doesn't take much :) Thanks for reminding me how wonderful life is!

  2. love the post and love love love the picture! look at those little hands...hope you're up for visitors we've got to come see you and little camden!

  3. Congratulations! I think your little Camden is absolutely adorable-such a beautiful baby. I used to babysit Billy-we grew up on the same street (he was a little monster ha ha!!!) I came upon a site of another mom who just had her second child and didn't know she had down syndrome until she was born. Anyway, she writes about her feelings and love in such a beautiful way that it is inspiring. I'm sure you feel the same way about Camden and I just thought you might like to check it out to see just how beautiful and heaven-sent these little miracles are. www.kellehampton.com


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