Friday, May 21, 2010

little things we love....

a few days ago, i took camden for a stroll around the was a quick stroll and i didn't bring the stroller...i just bundled him into my arms and we walked through our little neighborhood....we looked at the mountains capped with snow....we touched our first leaf and i felt the burrowing of a little body into mine each time a breeze would whisper by...i loved the snuggles and secretly wished for the breezes to come more frequently...and they did....and that little body snuggled right up....relaxed...and fell asleep in his mommy's arms....
if you catch camden in the right mood and you bring his little face up around your might just find yourself being eaten up by some adorably slobbery kisses....which is probably just hunger but mommy is satisfied calling them kisses...and she loves them....and someday soon they will be real kisses and i can't wait....

on a side note...look how great the little man is doing in his bumbo! so thrilled....


  1. OH we love baby kisses at our house too! Camden is such a big strong boy...way to go!!!

  2. Nice job in the Bumbo. Max couldn't really sit in his until he was about 5 months old!

  3. His head control look awesome! Nice work Camden, keep it up buddy!

  4. Oh Camden is getting so big! Yay for the bumbo!! He looks so stinkin' usual!

  5. Who wouldn't love a slobbery kiss from such a cutie!

  6. Camden..Grandma is so proud of you and how big you are getting! Look at you holding your head it! I miss those special kisses from you and wish I was closer so I could get them more often. Give your mommy another from Grandma... :)


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