Monday, June 28, 2010


camden has started the oh so fun adventure of cutting his first teeth...and i am in for a long ride still being that i can't even feel or see where they are yet...he is biting everything though....and drooling which isn't like him...
last night right around bed time our little one started to gush out the know something is bothering him when consoling becomes difficult and he breathes in just to let out a little tiny scream of a cry...daddy tried and tried to calm baby down to no avail...with each new breath came another baby size wail and daddy was feeling pretty helpless.... so mommy took over because the pit of her stomach wouldn't let her just sit by and watch....i held my tiny baby while his body arched in pain and we rocked while we waited for the teething tablets to dissolve....finally the cries came a little less frequently until his stiff little body gave in to the relief of life without pain....but with every couple of breaths his breath would catch just a little, while he tried to calm himself...and so the end of the crying came for a few minutes and i don't know which was worse....the actual cries or the getting over them....i just stared at my little guy while he tried to soothe himself in my arms and there really is no more horrible a feeling than having to watch a tiny body twist in pain...but we got through it...mommy, daddy and least this time we did...


  1. Teething is NO fun and once you start it doesn't end...well at least for a couple of years! :) The worst part is they come up then back down, so just when you think they are out...their gone again! Keep on top of the tylenol and teething tablets and everyone will be much happier! We are dealing with 2yr molars for Landon and Sutter is getting his first bottom tooth...needless to say I feel your pain!

  2. Stopping by to introduce our designer genes to yours! :)

    I'm Tammy, Mom to Parker.

    How blessed are we?

    Tammy and Parker
    @ParkerMama on Twitter

  3. Poor guy... so sorry he's having so much pain!

  4. Hope the pain stay far far away poor boy!


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