Tuesday, June 1, 2010

a little bit of snow in our summer...

we went up to the mountains on a hike this weekend...to celebrate a certain grandma's birthday....although the mountains were still capped with a cold white blanket and the mud prevented us from making it to the peak of our destination....we still got some time in to take some lovely little pictures....happy birthday grandma!
can you tell who we all fought over to get a snapshot with? love him!


  1. So fun!! I would fight over that little guy too!

  2. Hi Tonya, Billy and Camden! I just found your blog! I'm LDS too (live in AZ) and we have a little bundle of joy who has an extra chromosome floating around! It'a so fun to find new friends and I'm excited to blog stalk you guys now- in a nice way. Promise. Anyway. Camden is so adorable and his chubby cheeks are awesome! I look forward to reading more of Camden's and your familys adventures!


  3. I just love these pictures! That one with Grandma is just darling. Glad you guys had so much fun this weekend!

  4. The fighting- this happens in our home daily. Many days you can hear me saying,"It's my turn!!". What beautiful pictures!
    In Him,


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