Sunday, January 23, 2011

almost one...

tomorrow is the big day...we have already celebrated with our family and friends..and pics will show up soon...but tomorrow it is official...i will have a big one year old. i might cry a little, like i did while watching his face light up at the water show at disneyland, or when he was full of life trying to jump in and out of the waves at the beach today, or splashing himself in the pool and then giggling and doing it again...i know i'm ridiculous. i feel as though this milestone has come with all sorts of new his continued attempts at crawling, his tries at pulling himself up, his insatiable need to be on the move, his new found love of anything with water, his signing dog, waving hello and bye, clapping and yelling yay, mimics of everything dad and i clicking our tongues, clapping, signing, coughing, laughing and more....understanding in his eyes, his nigh nigh cries at bedtime, his ma ma when he needs me, his ada da's.... it's a whole new world out there from here on out...and each day brings something even more bring on tomorrow!


  1. I don't know him, but I feel like I do through your blog and absolutely love him! Way to go Camden-such a big boy. Mine turned one two weeks ago and Camden has so many similarities (in looks) and adorableness that I'm just drawn to him. Thanks for sharing him!

  2. One year old already! Happy birthday, Cam man! It will be a bitter-sweet day for sure. Thinking about Brycen turning one makes me a little sad as well. But it's so true, all these milestones really make every day special. And it's exciting to look forward to all the other things they'll start learning to do! Happy birthday, Camden!

  3. Aww thats so amazing! He is so cute!


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