Tuesday, March 29, 2011


we made an unexpected trip up to visit with billy's family this weekend...we are so thankful that they live close enough to be able to make quick trips like we do. having camden has really brought the importance of family to the forefront for me, and i am thankful for that. we may be making a few trips up to idaho over the next little while...to visit with some family, because you never know when something might happen, and the family dynamic will change...so we are taking advantage of the family that we have right now.
billy and i loved this restaurant when we were dating...it was called sato's...he took me here the night he proposed. the restaurant closed for a while shortly after that, but has reopened under new management and a new name...and yet is still very similar.

look who was a big boy...and thought he was too big to sit in a highchair.

don't you love his tight lipped smile in this one?

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  1. Love your family! I can't believe how big Cam Man is getting! That picture of him, Teresa, and Billy is so dang cute. He looks so grown up! I'm glad you guys got to get together with family. It's always better when you're with family. Love you guys!


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