Monday, March 28, 2011

losing track of time...

camden is fourteen months...fourteen! he is officially over the one year line, my big boy...more a toddler each and every day. i'm not really certain where the time has gone...but i am certain that it keeps on ticking by. i can with confidence say that we made it through the month of march alive, and without illness (knock on wood that we had the worst of this season in the beginning)...

this month camden has successfully passed his hearing and one year health exam with early intervention, completed his elap (one year developmental test), checked in with his cardiologist (nothing has changed, and no news is good news in the world of heart kids), scheduled a surgery for a not so fun boy place with his urologist for next month, completed evaluations for speech and physical therapy which we are starting as well next month (weekly), made some new friends at a new fun mom and me kindermusik class through early intervention, passed all of his blood draws for our one year pediatric visit (good to go on thyroids and no leukemia signs), checked in at the down syndrome clinic in salt lake to make sure mom and dad are covering all of our bases, checked in with our friends through our ds playgroup and acquired an annual pass to the living planet aquarium (play date anyone?)

and through all of our running around to doctors, therapists and play dates i have found out a few valuable things about my son....

1. the kid is happy and healthy
2. my child is fiercely shy
3. but won't hesitate to ham it up once you are inducted into the "um, i guess you pass as a friend club"
4. i have one stubborn little boy
5. who eats a lot of sweet potatoes and beta carotene, at least that's what his orange tinted face told the pediatrician
6. aquafor is a heaven sent (for chapped cheeks)
7. and little feet and legs that are hardly ever adorned by socks and shoes because somebody won't keep them on for more than five seconds ( i lost track of how many sets are now m.i.a)
8. he understands a whole lot more than he wants to let on to
9. his elap results don't dictate what he is capable of
10. out of everywhere in the salt lake valley, he would rather be at home with his very best of friends...that baby on the other side of the mirror, man he is cute.

i'm in love.


  1. Tonya, you need to put that first photo in a cutest baby photo contest.

    He would win! Hands down.

  2. Man that is a serious list! I had to take a deep breath! Sounds like you're doing great!

  3. Sounds like you guys have been busy!! Cam is so cute, that top picture is adorable, what a sweetheart :)


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