Tuesday, February 7, 2012


try not to let the below picture deceive you this kid is trouble...
camden still isn't a full time walker...but he is getting there...and with his new found freedom the trouble in this second year has increased dramatically.  this morning i woke up to change four, yes four, stinky diapers in one hour...camden then proceeded to bash his head into the tv stand and his toy chest in my bathroom.  i usually put cam in the bath while i take a shower (it keeps him occupied and my shower overlooks the tub in case there is a fall)...today camden had already pooped four times, so i figured i was safe...cam gets in the tub, mom gets into the shower...cam assumes the potty position as he signs potty i drop the shampoo and jump out as quickly as i can, drenched mind you, to grab him from the tub and stick him on the potty...but he doesn't go and i am dripping and he is laughing so i throw a diaper on him and hop back in the shower to race to the finish line (i only need like 3 minutes tops these days to get the necessities done) camden in that time frame decides to throw two used diapers into the still full tub along with a set of pj's and a sweater...all the while i am screaming NO CAMDEN as soap suds run down my face...i jump out of the shower several times to pull him away from dumping anything else in the tub before it finishes draining...he opens all of the drawers and proceeds to dump every hair accessory and random item in said drawers onto the floor...at this point i am just thankful he is busy and that i closed the door to the toilet.  i finish my shower and then realize my hair brush (along with several other items) has been missing for two days now...i have no idea where he puts anything anymore.  i hurry and comb through my hair with a travel brush (i have ridiculously thick hair and so this task is a nightmare in itself)...i turn on the blow dryer and camden hates the stupid blow dryer so i get to listen to him try to scream louder than it and throw a little tantrum while i desperately try to get my hair more damp than dripping...i gave up. and at this point i am just thankful we have no where to be today. 

however...i will take the extra trouble...and hope it doubles soon, because this man of mine is going places and a little trouble here and there is more than made up for with a little arms wrapped around your neck kiss right on the lips. 


  1. That is the very reason I get up and shower before my husband leaves for work...showering with Sutter up is not an option! :)

  2. Ha ha ha oh my gosh! What a fiasco! Sounds like Brycen about 10 minutes ago while I was in the shower, only he was getting in the toilet brush and plunger goods. So fun! I agree with you though, those little kisses and hugs make up for all the chaos!

  3. It's amazing what they can tornado in the span of 5 minutes! We now have baby gates everywhere. Max can go from his room to the living room and that's it. There is nothing on shelves, nothing he can reach, unless he manages to pull out a chair from the table and climb up on that mess. Our poor living room is bare and is in desperate need of more lighting, but we can't have table lamps - he broke one when we tried. But at least I can shower ;)


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