Tuesday, April 10, 2012


we have had a lot going on lately.  long car rides.  too many goodbyes.  but life is still good, and wholesome and beautiful. 

last night after about seven hours of our twelve hour car ride...camden might have begun losing his mind. and not in a good way.  the cry outs from a fifteen year old uncle sharing a back seat with a two year old are still ringing loudly in my ears today.  "ow camden, don't kick me".  so we took a short break, and i let camden walk around the car in a black asphalt parking lot barefoot for about twenty minutes. we walked in circles, stepped up and off the curb again and again, we picked at the grass, we felt the sun beat down and the wind blow by.  we took a long deep breath.  and when it was all said and done, the little put up one heck of a fight about getting back into that car seat of his...but then i noticed something...tiny black feet, stained from the dirt in the parking lot.  

this observation might not be significant to you...but it was to me. in two years, camden has never had dirt stained feet.  and i took the moment in and realized how much joy two tiny feet could bring to me, that moment surpassed the goodbyes, the long ride, the tantrums, the kicking...and thoughts of a tiny toddler walking around barefoot with tiny dirt stained feet this summer made my heart melt and brought a smile to my face. 

i wonder if i will notice the little things with my other kids...i hope so, i can't imagine life without them. 


  1. When you wrote he was bare foot on the blacktop, that was the first thing I thought of! Little dirty feet... it really is the small things that can bring so much joy!

  2. I think it is such a blessing that you had Cam first...Now when other children come along and join your family you will notice all those small, beautiful, special things, that most Moms take for granted. You will be so much more aware...Having Russell last I am only just now realizing how much of my older kids milestones and childhoods I took for granted or let slip by unnoticed.

    This was beautiful. I too remember that fantastic feeling of realizing Russell's feet were dirty...Because he was finally using them :)

  3. I guess this explains why I saw the three of you playing in the street when I came home from work tonight. :)


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