Monday, April 30, 2012

i'll walk with you...

i had a moment yesterday...they don't come often anymore...and they are rarely accompanied by pain of any sort.

in primary at church (i help with kids ages 3-11) the kids were learning this song....

"If you don't walk as most people do, some people walk away from you, But I won't, I won't!

If you don't talk as most people do, some people talk and laugh at you, But I won't, I won't!

I'll walk with you. I'll talk with you. That's how I'll show my love for you.

"Jesus walked away from none, He gave his love to everyone. So I will, I will!

Jesus blessed all he could see, Then turned and said, 'Come follow me'. 

I'll talk with you, Ill walk with you. That's how Ill show my love for you".

and i held it in...but after 3 times through the song i couldn't anymore and made the choice to retreat to the restroom before the kids started wondering why i was balling.

i knew that song, i had learned it in my own youth...but i hadn't ever thought about it from the other side of the table.  and that day, listening to those lyrics sung with such enthusiasm from these children, who will one day be such role models to my son just made me so thankful.  so thankful that they were being taught such a valuable lesson at such a young age, so thankful that camden will one day as well...and thankful for those people in his life, who will walk with him, and talk with him and love him because he is ever so worth it.

and i tried to compose myself in that restroom, as best i could, and when i came out i found two wonderful women who had followed me to make sure that i was ok.  and i was...because i wasn't sad that camden might have those moments that the song spoke of, that he might feel lonely or left out or bullied (even though i know it will most definitely happen from time to time, and that knowledge does hurt) was because the song gave me hope...hope that there will be children that camden grows up with who will understand and who will stand up for him, and say "i will, i will".


  1. My church calling is as an aide to 11 year old Lexie who has autism. I cry every time we sing ths song, so thankful that we have a primary who includes this beautiful daughter of God in everything she wants to do. She folds her arms as I say a prayer. We lead music together. I give a talk and Lexe holds the pictures. The kids are great with Lexie and I am truly blessed to have her as my friend.

  2. You just gave me a gift today, my beautiful daughter....thank for being so wonderful!

  3. Ah, I remember that song...I am tearing up just thinking about it now...The words are beautiful, especially being sung by children. I think our boys are going to be just fine growing up because there will be many children who will say "I will"

    Loved this!

  4. Yet another reason why I love you Tonya. Thanks for the reminder about the son today. I needed it.

  5. (Song not son...but I guess that works too)

  6. Oh Tonya, I just love you and am so lucky to have you as part of my presidency! This was a great way to re-start a morning that got off to a rough start.


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