Monday, May 21, 2012


we have been dealing with that big green thing on camden's leg for the last month....
needless to say when he refused to put weight on his right leg after daddy accidently tried to pick him up not knowing he had wedged his leg under the door...i knew we were in for it.  he broke his little ankle...right when he was transitioning officially into full time walking.  he walked around on the cast the first few days...and then the pain grew to be too much and we reverted to crawling.  so here we are four weeks later, the cast has been off since last wednesday...and he is still refusing to put too much weight on his well as kicking it out far to the side (bad habit from a cast that made one leg a good two inches taller that the other).  do i feel like we are learning to walk all over again? yes. am i dying? yes. but i just have to keep telling myself that once his leg pain dissipates his muscle memory will kick in...and hopefully it won't take another 7 months to full time walker again.  

part of me feels horrible for my being so anxious...if camden hadn't taken 7 months to transition from first steps to full time walker would i put this kind of pressure on him to walk again right after he broke his little ankle? am i doing more harm than good trying to get him to walk on it yet? and then the 2 years of physical therapy appointments are kicking in also...and i am dying a little going all the way back to trying to get him to use a push toy, which he won't for more than a few limpy steps.  

so we are there again, hopefully not for long...


  1. Aw, poor Cam. Hope his ankle strengthens up a bit and he is less afraid to put weight on it. Don't worry, he'll be walking again soon.

  2. It has been three months now since I broke my ankle. I was very affraid to walk on it when they finally took me out of the boot. It hurts all the time and I limp and am not allowed to do any running or jumping for another six weeks. I trip on a regular basis because I will step wrong and it hurts so bad. My advice, be patient. He can't tell you when it hurts and I'm sure it does.

    BTW I just got my zoo pass renewed. You still need to come to the zoo with me.

  3. Oh man I had no idea. Poor little guy. I'm sure he will take off right where he left as soon as he forgets all about the pain and cast. Prayers that happens sooner than later.


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