Monday, June 4, 2012

morning cuddles....

for the last two weeks or so camden has been waking up around four or five and refusing to go back to sleep anywhere but mom and dad's bed.  and for the sake of precious sleep, we have been giving in, shamelessly. i keep telling myself we need to stop it before it becomes too much of a habit...but then camden wraps his little arm around my neck as he snuggles in beside my face and i can't help but think, this really isn't so bad.  he is such a cuddler right now and i can't help but soak every second of it fear that tomorrow it might slip away.  so i might be waking up to this little guy every morning for who knows how long....
and i kind of love it.  


  1. It's going on 6 yrs for us over here, and has turned into all night, not just mornings ;)

  2. Sleeping with Boston is my most fav thing :)


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