Wednesday, August 1, 2012

it's really hot outside...

it's been a rough few months...and i am not lying when i say, i can not wait for this summer to be at it's end. being sick since the end of may, i am longing for the sweet relief of cooler weather and being able to do things alongside my toddler again...who sadly is babysat far too often by the glow of the television these days. i am longing to get going on the new playroom for the kidlets but i can only last on my feet for a few minutes before i need to either eat again or lay my head back down. there is something divine i tell you in the planning of this pregnancy since i can't get on my feet long enough to get myself into trouble, all the while we have decided to curb our spending habits, because my husband decided to jump off of a financial cliff in may, quit his job and we are flying along as risk takers as he is starting a new company until our wings either give out or grow new feathers...we will see what happens come doomsday mid august when he pitches to get funding, meanwhile i have had my eyes out at every "hiring" sign in the near vicinity of my home...just in case. ya we are crazy like that, and i kind of sickly love it. anyway...we have been trying to keep busy and here is what i have...
 a couple of days at seven peaks
 some lakeside beach time
bubble blowing
a very used chalkboard
wrestle mania
finger painting
refusal of nap time
 too much tv
pool time
 playing barefoot in afternoon thunderstorms

 swim trunks...because we love them ok...
and an ever growing belly.

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  1. I'm not even prego and I can't wait for summer to be over either! It's been waaay too hot. Hope you're feeling better soon!!


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