Monday, January 12, 2009

Case of Paranoia....

Billy won't be home until 8pm....that gives me 3.5 hours to myself, at night...i know i know you are probably lucky girl haha...but I'm not...I HATE being alone! Never have liked it, probably never is the true reason why we got Lyric...and she does help out a little...but I still get the Heeby Jeebies in a house all to myself...Yes this 24 year old...who has lived away from her parentals for 6 whole years and married for over 2 is as paranoid as they come....yikes...
And now I am thinking maybe I shouldn't post this...cause what if some crazy person reads it and thinks they have a green light! um....well to the crazies out there...i have really close neighbors! and a really scary guard dog and well I got mace for Christmas! haha so BEWARE!


  1. I am with you on being alone-I totally hate it...but I have three crazy kids to always keep me company! I am glad you guys are as big of Utes fans as us! We are going to the parade should come!

  2. Tonya, you are SO funny! I loved this post, it made me laugh really hard! I am a pretty paranoid person as well... so I shouldn't laugh, cause I feel your pain! I am such a wuss! Every time I hear a noise at ALL I freak out! I need a dog to protect me--oh wait, I will have a baby soon. Maybe he will make me fel safer! My dad gave me some mace for Christmas a couple years ago! "Keep it in your purse at all times" is what he said!

  3. come over anytime...i'm probably home alone too and we could watch some scary show together, but it won't matter because we're not alone...and happy birthday lyric!

  4. I LOVE IT! This is SO my thought process and 100% the reason we bought Brutus!!!


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