Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas 123...and NYE in Vegas! Longest Post Ever!

Alright so the holiday's this year jumped up on us and they are already gone...We did have a blast though despite this busy season...

I got to see some old friends...Joe and Lynzi...I don't have pics with Lynzi though....we are lame i know! Lambert we have to do it all over again so we can get some good ones! ;)

Billy and I were fortunate enough to have Christmas three whole times! We spent the weekend before Christmas with his family in IF! It was so fun! they made steak and crab and we opened all sorts of good stuff! Thanks Bush's! :)

My mom, step dad and two of my brothers came down to celebrate Christmas with us this year! it was so fun and SO GOOD to have them up! We spent the week shopping and visiting and the boys got to go boarding a couple of times! Wayne-O was up and spry as ever bouncing around on his his new hips! Christmas Eve we had my aunts and uncles over and made my mom's traditional lasagna :)

Home for the Holidays....we had a lot of Stockings hung

Our first "real" tree!

Stockings for Billy and Tonya!

Tan Man and Sammy

Billy and Wayne-o Chatting Away

Maddie's new Pj's
Cole, Trav and Mom....and Lyric's behind.... :)

Me, Cole and Tanner Chillin' on the couch

The whole Gang Christmas Eve

My Uncle and his little cutie Madeleine stayed over with us Christmas Eve and Santa came to our house for the first time ever! :) we got to make some fun Christmas Cookies for Santa! the kids did such a good job! It was so fun that I can't imagine Christmas at our house without a visit from Santa! hmm....

I think they ate more of the icing then the cookies ;)

I know she definitely did.... haha

Cookie's for Santa!

Christmas morning we woke to a cute little girl's voice overwhelmed with excitement when she realized Santa found her and downstairs awaited a whole room full of glorious new toys! We all woke up bright and early and TanMan and Maddie were already down there checkin' out what they got from the jolly old guy. We all opened our stockings and then began passing the presents around! It was so fun! After we realized that the presents had all been opened we ate some yummy Cinnamon rolls and the kids played out in the snow until dinner! My mom and I made Christmas dinner together and I must say it turned out quite well for my first attempt! It was definitely yummy and we got to use our dining room and new place settings for the first time ever! yay for Christmas!

The Mom! Love Ya!

Wayne-0 Playing the Wii Fit! Pretty fun game!

The Poo....
Christmas Dinner!
Snow Day!

For New Year's Eve Billy and I busted up to Las Vegas with the pupster and spent a couple nights with Whitney and Al Cameron! It was so good to see them! Yay for being newly weds! :) Whit is the networking queen and her hubby isn't too shabby at it himself and so they got us into Club Rain at the Palms resort on the strip to bring in the New Year! We chilled on the strip for the count down...5,4,3,2,1...where are all the fireworks!??? yes that is right this year Vegas pooped out and decided to do ground fireworks at the ends of the strip! so here we were in the middle of the Vegas strip smack down in front of the Bellagio and we were all looking around like...did we miss something!? lol but its ok 'cause we made our way back to the club and danced our little hearts out! It was awesome and the club put on quite the show! Fire blaring over our heads...crazy dancers all over the place and circus people dangling from the curtains and the ceiling on bunji cords! It was quite the event!

The Camerons

We Made some new friends on the strip....haha random...yes

In front of the Bellagio before midnight!
Club Rain....

After the a night of dancing...I was dying...well my feet were lol....
Midnight Kiss! The camera almost missed us! haha

On New Years Day we took off to my daddy's house in Ventura! We got to Magic Mountain (45 minutes away from our destination) and we missed our next freeway...only we didn't know we missed it and so an hour later my dad calls and asks us where we are...that's when we realized we weren't sure! UGH! and we spent the next hour trecking back to Magic Mountain! yay for 5 our drives that turn into 7! haha we did make it to my dad's before dinner though and it was amazing! But I expect nothing less from them! :) Billy and I keep trying to convince them to open their own restaurant....We opened lots of fun presents and spent some much needed time with the family! The next day we went to breakfast. and took Lyric to the beach....which was a mixture of laughter and stress because she chased the birds up and down half of the length of the beach...getting smashed by the ocean multiple times but she was so focused on her new found toys that she must have forgotten her name?! because she definitely was not coming back! ahhh! so we chased her down into a corner of the beach and finally got her back on her leash! close call a couple of times! then we took her and her new BFF Barley (my dad's dog) back to the house to play and we went to the movies to catch Seven good! definitely a tear jerker though!

The next day we went to see the Grandma! I love her so much! and she is doing great up and walking just weeks after having hip replacement! I am so proud of her! After visiting for lunch we jetted off to catch the last 5 hours of Universal Studios which turned out to be almost the perfect time frame to see that park lol we got to ride everything but Backdraft! which most of us had been on already....Our family had so much fun and it was the first time that we had seen all of the siblings together in over a year! yay for family fun!

Fun times at Universal!

The whole gang....

Sunday we spent driving 11 hours to get home....well billy spent driving...I mostly slept...but honestly would you expect anything less from me!? haha!

Yay for the Holiday! 'Til Next Year!
Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year too! could I forget!!!
GO UTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just had to't not often that a non BCS team not only makes it to a BCS bowl but also kills the number 4 ranked BCS team ALABAMA! woot woot! 13-0 unstoppable! yay for Utah, yay for the sugar bowl!


  1. WOW! And I thought our Holidays were crazy! Looks like sooo much fun (and work)! but I bet your glad to be back home. Perhaps when you catch your breath we can get togeather!

  2. Well your holidays were sure busy, holy cow! Looks like you guys has so much fun! Our Christmas just came and went it flew by so fast. Oh well, this year will be different. Love all your fun pics. And how bout that sugar bowl! Amazing! GO UTES!!!


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