Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Birthday LYRIC!

So officially...the date of birth of our beloved boxer...Lyric. I'm sure you all know something of our dog....more then likely something she has done wrong :) but let me say...on this day...that we do LOVE our little girl!

Let's review the past year that we have been able to spend with our adorable pup!

Lyric was born January 22, 2008. We picked her straight out of her adorable litter....and how could we not...look how stinkin' cute she was!!!!

We proceeded to take her home when she was a little over 6 weeks old....true to the puppy cliche she was wobbly, nervous, whiny and absolutely lovable....until she proceeded to go potty all over our new house.... :) but we were expecting that and so we suffered....but by the time our little tike was 2.5 months old she had bruised both Billy's and my arms to about our elbows with her sharp little puppy teeth and playful puppy attitude....i should also let you know that we were sleep deprived at this point in time (or at least i was) because our cuddly little pup hated being alone in her I would lay on the floor next to her, with my fingers lingering through the kennel door so she could feel me there until she fell asleep every night, and subsequently upon her awakening about 2-3 times a night....Billy and I both thought...."hey, i thought we ordered a dog, not a child!" :) but the sleepless nights lessened and so did the biting...after some training she sat, laid, rolled over, shook paws and stayed...unless distracted by otherwise more interesting things....however, her most annoying trait emerged as she grew more and more comfortable in her new found home...our dog talked back! yes...i know i didn't know it was possible either....but she did...when she was mad, she barked at us....when we weren't paying attention to her, but each other, she barked at us...and so came the bark coller...which dramatically helped our plight!

Today...I am proud to say...I am the owner of a beautiful boxer girl...who only occasionally raids the trash, jumps up on our guests, sheds like no dog I have ever owned....and who is completely comfortable passing gas anywhere and at anytime....

But we love her! We love her zany personality, her ability to make us laugh uncontrollably, her sweetness, her playful attitude, her absolute need to cuddle when she is tired and her bear hugs and slobbery kisses....This is our Lyric....and we are so happy to say that we can no longer imagine our lives without her!


  1. Isn't life with a Boxer just the best!?! Congrats on Lyric's first birthday!

  2. I am so glad that you love Lyric as much as we love Maddie. They are so much work, but they are incredibly smart and let you know exactly what they want. It's hard to imagine life without them and it prepares for parenthood.

  3. She is adorable! I makes me want to get a cute little pup to have around. I guess we are going to do it a bit backwards though and start with the baby :)

  4. I love that you wrote an entire blog entry on Lyric. lol Maybe she won't have gas as bad during her 2nd year of life


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