Wednesday, May 6, 2009

the husband calls me ridiculous...

ok, well, i call me ridiculous too...and maybe a tad bit obsessive compulsive...

i am currently in the process of repainting our living room for the third time since we moved in in September of 2007...and yes i do swatches...but a swatch vs. a whole room is a very different here i am...trying to see if this color will finally be the one that says home to me...and i am freaking out a little because i promised myself...and my poor husband...that this will be the last time....for a while....that this room sees a new coat of i have to like this color!!! and i have about ten different swatches up on the walls...all different walls mind you because the lighting in the lower level of our home is horrible and colors change dramatically throughout the day...and i can't decide if this is it! so my living room is a bit of a mess...and my walls are all splotchy...and i am afraid of don't worry if you see our lights on at wouldn't be the first time i have driven myself nuts over this little situation of ours.... :)

image via yahoo images


  1. maybe you should hire a professional interior decorator :)

  2. Ha ha! I have a feeling once we buy a place we'll be the same way (since we're painting pros- lol). I totally understand what you're going through...I always like changing things up!

  3. I'm already wanting to change the paint in my house! It's so neutral so I really don't want to do it yet. I would like to wait 'til we move. But good for you!!!

  4. Post the pictures of your new living room....the pictures you sent look great.

  5. I know how you feel! And so does my mom, she does the same thing when it comes to painting a room! You have to get the color just right or it's going to drive you crazy. Have fun and go nuts!


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