Monday, May 18, 2009

sunday stroll...

on sunday after church bb and i decided to take a stroll around downtown....partly because i love me some downtown....and partly because he loves his new fun camera....we both dreamt of the day we can continue our love affair with slc....(anyone want to rent out our little house in riverton?) ;)

although we can't be downtown all of the time, we sure do love our time down there...we made sure to take some good pics....

on wednesday we will be heading to california....and i am sure we will get some more photo time in then....yay for slr's... (and a little bit of photoshop...shhh...)


  1. those photos look great...good job!

  2. Your pictures are so good!
    P.S. We miss you guys!

  3. LOVE the pics.
    ps is there any way you can put photoshop on my comp?! haha i want it and NEED it.

  4. That camera is seriosly amazing. I would love to have that camera. All your pics look so great like I'm watching HD! My favorite is the SL Temple. So beautiful. Have fun in Cali!


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