Wednesday, August 26, 2009

he's growing....

just a tiny update for you all....we are 17 weeks along already...what!? i know! and this little boy in me is growing like crazy! this past weekend we went to idaho and that whole week prior i was dealing with a little flu thursday i was finally over running a temp but my whole body was aching pretty bad and i just kept contributing it to the flu until friday when it started feeling like little shooting pains...and then i realized my little flu bug had turned into a little growth spurt for our man...and myself! by saturday i was feeling pretty pregnant and every morning i wake up and feel like he is stretching me a bit more! so needless to say if this little rascal can stretch me out a noticeable amount in one week i'm kinda frightened to see what he will do in the next 5 months! haha so here is a little picture we took last night of all the work our little guy is doing in there....and black isn't even slimming anymore.... :) i love it!

oh and another fun update! i started feeling our little guy kick! it's been quite fun and i still have to question every time i feel it but i think i am starting to recognize it more and more! i am also feeling much better these days as far as being sick goes which is definitely very nice! so besides the aches and pains here and there and the occasional dizzy spell i am really starting to enjoy being pregnant...horray!!!!


  1. yay! the 5th month is usually the best cause the sickness goes away and you can feel them move. :) then you just start getting huge and uncomfortable! enjoy it while you can! :)

  2. So cute. In about a month you won't even question if its him kicking and in about for months the sweet little kicks turn into painful jabs in the ribs, but you wouldnt trade a moment of it for anything in the world. So cute tonya I am so excited for you!

  3. Glad you're starting to feel a little better! Your baby bump is sure cute! :)


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