Monday, August 3, 2009

why hello....

it's been a while...i here is a little update....

this last month has been quite busy for us...with all of the holidays rolling through town...trying to get parts of the house finished before we start on the baby's necessities...prepping for girl's camp...and all the while trying to keep my head out of the toilet... :)

needless to say i'm a waste of space when it comes to blogging these days...but we have finally hit a lull...and boy am i excited for it!!! i am feeling a bit better now, still a little sick off and on...but nothing i can't handle...girl's camp came to an end last week...and i must say, i had a lot of fun!! i was so expecting to be completely stressed the entire time, and sick as well but i had my fair share of tender mercies that week because i was able to enjoy my time with the girls and i kept all of my meals down! :) horray!!! we were able to redo billy's home office/cave/mess and that was a up...the backyard....and time!!!!

billy is off camping this weekend with the boys in his family and my parents are coming in town to spend a week and a half with us!! we have another dr's appointment on the 13th and we go in to find out what this little rolly polly is on the long as baby is cooperative! i am so excited for this part! mostly because i can finally start to shop for our little newbie!!!

we are fourteen weeks and counting right now and i have started to grow a little baby bump...i thought since this blog was not so picture heavy i should throw at least one picture in here for ya....


  1. Cute Ton!! Your stomach is still flat

  2. I am so happy for you!!! Your little "bump" is so cute. So small, but so cute! Congrats again!

  3. funny, i haven't been asked to help paint anything in the nursery eeehhem. sorry just clearing my throat ;)

  4. its a girl too. your bump is high. boys sit low... very low ;)

  5. It's a boy! I'm stickin to my guns! :) You look super cute.

  6. Cute baby bump! We're so excited for you guys. I hope the baby cooperates in a couple weeks so you can see what the little one is!


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