Sunday, August 16, 2009

it's a....

boy!!!! :) billy and i went into fetal photo on friday was amazing to see our little man again! he is getting so strong and so big!! you could see him totally stretching his little legs out and kicking up against me...needless to say i am in big trouble once i really start to feel this little guy! yikes. the tech went in from a few different angles but it was pretty undeniable that my little house guest is quite the little man! he did look a little more squished these days part of which was probably due to my full bladder and the fact that i ate about an hour before picture time. he was definitely awake though! and moving and rolling around like no other....we even got to see a couple little hiccups! so cute!

the verdict of a boy....i don't think i could have been first i won't lie i have always had my heart set on a little girly girl...but a couple of nights ago i decided to ask my little guest what it was....and all of a sudden i just got this undeniable feeling that it was a he! and in an instant a little rascal was all i wanted more than anything in the world....i even started to toss around some more boy names with billy because the feeling was just that i can't really explain how i felt when the ultrasound tech got right down in there and there he was right in front of me...undeniably a little man...i was so's truly amazing the blessings that heavenly father gives to his mommies out there....i honestly couldn't be more excited for anything else in the whole world....and billy just lights up when he talks about all of the things they will get to do together....they are going to be best buddies! and i can't wait to see them together.

here are a couple new pics of our little man...

doesn't he just look so content!? almost like he has his hands stretched back behind his head haha...oh our little man! our next ultrasound is in 4 weeks! we will be 20 weeks by then and it should be a good one! and we will get the gender confirmation from our doctor...not that it isn't obvious but hey i guess stranger things have happened! yay for little boys!


  1. congrats ton. Yes, they are little rascals. I can't rest a moment with Porter. But love every waking moment with him. ;)

  2. YAY!!! Congratulations to you two! Ty can't wait to meet his new friend! And listening to your blog background sound, your little guy is lucky to be coming in to your family. SO lucky.

  3. Congrats! That is exciting. I've always wanted a little boy first just because I always wanted a big brother. I'm glad that everything is going well.

  4. Congrats! That is exciting! Boys are lots of fun!
    Missed you guys this past weekend!

  5. Congratulations! We cant wait to meet the little man! We hope you guys are doing amazing and we want to hang out soon! Call us if you are ever in town and we will do the same.


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