Wednesday, July 27, 2011


today as i scrolled through my usual blog rolls, i read through a post from a mother who has an adult child with down the mother described daily life with her child she mentioned what she would have told herself, twenty years ago...

when i think back to camden's birth and what i would have told myself then, right now it is all about acceptance. this mom, twenty years later, had moved past that and onto the reality of daily life...she said "slow down". it took me back a little...because i felt at first like i was working toward that, learning patience in his milestones...but i never really thought about slowing down even our daily life...and as i thought about it, it dawned on me just how personal this lesson was for me.

i am a fast paced person, i talk fast, i move fast, i drive fast, i am always in a hurry, rushing here or there...and on a full day i find myself getting frustrated with my own rushing, i get frustrated with camden when we have to leave and he is taking forty minutes to eat a full meal...and i noticed that on the days i try to pack in twenty things i feel more accomplished, and i wonder, is that really what it is all about? or maybe, it is ok that we just hang out all day...spend time with each other, work on our motor skills, or just play...because maybe it isn't about rushing to fit a quantified number of things into one day, but more about the quality of things that we fit into a day.

i needed to learn how to slow things down, not just for camden, but for myself, because what is life worth anyway if we are consumed with merely filling it? so why not slow down, and fill it with what matters?

i am thankful for my son, every day it is more and more apparent just how perfectly he was made just for me.


  1. I love love love that picture :) might steal the concept once fiona can stand :)

  2. Beautiful..And so true!! Filling life with what matters, love it!

  3. You are truly a wonderful, inspiring mother. So proud that you have realized already how precious time is with your little one. I wish everyday that I could turn back time and spend every minute enjoying you and your beautiful spirit.

    Love you Babe...Mom

  4. LOVE THIS TONYA!!! Man, I needed to hear it! :) So glad to get back in touch with your family via blog, its been too long. Camden is just beautiful!

    Be blessed,


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