Friday, July 22, 2011


beside the fact that camden tried to bite his therapist this morning due to unwanted completion of a task (he wanted to take the rings off, not put the last one on), we had a fairly productive day...

we are currently working on getting camden to use a spoon, he has the pincer grasp down and can self feed with his fingers (when he doesn't throw whatever it is on the floor) but hasn't fully transitioned into using a spoon quite yet. his speech therapist recommended using edible things that can also double as a spoon to start out, and having camden dip them into a yummy treat...his favorite combo, vanilla pudding and biter cookies...i think it is working great!

we also give camden a spoon to explore with at the same time, and today he took it out of the pudding and put it straight into his mouth! yay!

(ps. don't mind the fact that the cranberries are on in the background, and i may or may not have been humming along...haha)


  1. The fact that he leaves the cup of pudding safely on his tray is amazing in my book!!! Sutter would have that pudding cup on the floor in a matter of seconds! LOL Good job Camden, you're getting so BIG!!!!

  2. Great job Cam!!! Russell has just now started showing an interest in using a spoon...This toddler stage is so full of new things, its fun and exciting!

  3. I'm with Wren - Max would have flung that cup of pudding across the room! I'm impressed :)


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