Wednesday, December 21, 2011

a little christmas magic...

smile camden!

there is a definite difference this christmas than those of past years...because at age two, camden is starting to see it...he is taking it in...the lights, the tree, the snow, the big red guy with the beard...and if you ask him if he is excited for christmas...he says "yes" with a big grin and a head nod.  when you point out to the falling snow, he smiles shyly back and signs snow while he says the word "noh" and after taking the above picture he now recognizes the big guy everywhere we go...and so sweetly signs santa while attempting it with "ata".  and i giggle and he giggles and the magic of christmas is creeping back into our lives...and i couldn't be more ecstatic, because there is nothing more magical to a child than christmas, and there is nothing more magical to a parent than watching a child at christmas.

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  1. Love it! This picture is just too sweet. Brycen's with Santa is so bad, darn mall Santa photographers ha ha. Ah well! I loved reading this. Brycen isn't quite there with understanding and recognizing Santa, but he sure loves all the lights and sights of Christmas! It really is the most wonderful thing to watch and witness.


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