Wednesday, December 14, 2011


as of now camden still prefers to crawl...i on the other hand, would prefer he get off his little tushy and walk. i don't think it is too much for me to ask, since two plus months ago he showed us he could and he is up to ten consecutive steps now, and understands how to slow himself down and balance. apparently camden doesn't see it that way. about a month ago camden tried out walking to get around, and somewhere along the line, he decided he prefers his hands securely on the ground. his therapist even wrote the following on his report last week: "camden is able to walk, but chooses not to"... i can't say that i blame him, he is a fast little fireball on all fours...but i am dying a little over here.  the only time he will stand up and take steps is if we are begging, pleading with him to do so...and so for the last few weeks, i have been pretty down about it.  and then this morning i was getting ready and i watched him in the mirror come crawling in from the hallway, and i realized that i should be cherishing these last few months of crawling, because i know soon enough he will stand up and take off on two legs, and that little piece of baby in him will be lost forever.  so crawl away little man...because you are getting bigger everyday, and a part of me just wants to yell "STOP!"


  1. Sounds like he's as stubborn as Addison is. lol. Perhaps they would make a great couple after all. hehe. (-: And not mentioned here, but I know from experience, he has got to be getting HEAVY to still carry absolutely everywhere? Hope he decides he wants it soon!

  2. This is exactly what Russell did. He started taking steps back in September and I thought walking was close! And then for no reason at all he completely stopped and showed ZERO interest in walking!

    I was a little crushed and I thought it would be a miracle if he was walking by next spring!! So I know how you are feeling.

    But then out of nowhere he started back up again and just kept going!! It was very unexpected...And now here he is walking everywhere, and it was just last month I thought he wouldn't be walking until next year.

    So hang in there...Cam is on his way!! Enjoy watching that little guy crawling around cause those days are numbered...Walking is coming!


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