Tuesday, January 24, 2012

our little man turns two...

today we celebrate two years of having a tiny soul bless our home.  there are a lot of emotions wrapped up into today...and the wish that i could turn back time to the day this tiny little being came into the world.  if i knew what life would be like today...i wouldn't have cried those sad tears, i wouldn't have partaken in any amount of resentment, i wouldn't have mourned a child that never existed...i would have celebrated every ounce of the six pounds that i was so blessed with....because he is mine, and he was made for me in the most perfect of ways and i can't imagine life any different, or any more "normal" than it is today.  thank you camden for the light and love that you bring into our home and into our hearts every single day...for the world we never knew existed and the happiness that we have found there.  because i know now how little you need me and just how much that i need you.  today we celebrate you, camden, every ounce of you little man.  

on a side note...we are opening up our celebration to friends and family this saturday...if you are in town and would like to join in on the fun...let me know!


  1. Happy birthday, Cam man! We're excited for the party on Saturday!

  2. Two years...It goes by fast doesn't it!! Happy Birthday Cam :)

  3. Happy, happy, happy birthday little Cam! Wish we could come to your party. (-:

  4. Happy Birthday little guy! You are just too dang cute!


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