Tuesday, October 15, 2013


While camden was in the nicu a (well meaning) social worker stopped in frequently...just doing her job you know. Once after looking at Camden, she looked at me and said "there are lines of people waiting to adopt babies like him". At the time I was numb and didn't really know what to say or how to take it...was she saying I was lucky? Or was she giving me an out? 

Here we were, two young (25) kids...who just got slapped with a special needs child right off the bat...our lives would forever be changed you know...they wouldn't ever be the same...did this social worker just want to make sure we knew that, that we could "opt out" essentially if we felt so inclined?

Because that's unfortunately what our society does these days...life threw you a curve ball? Ah well just opt out. Because, change can be good you know, but only if it is the change you wanted or asked for...don't you let that thing called life play any sort of tricks on you. 

Because, you know, loads of people want to adopt kids with Down syndrome, they just don't want to have them on their own. 

Over the last three years...I have learned why life throws those curve balls our way...and I have mine to thank for that. I am ever so glad we never wanted to
"opt out" because this kiddo, well he changed our lives alright. We were definitely never the same you know. Once that muddy water called preconceived notions cleared out, what we were left with was an immeasurable sense of satisfaction and joy...we were left with a perfect child, who is loved unconditionally...we were left with an amazing support group, who have become friends and family...we were left with a little boy we wouldn't change for anything...and a new view on this world in which we live and it's ideas of perfection. 

What society doesn't tell us is that sometimes those curve balls are exactly what the doctor ordered. That every child is a gift from God, even the ones society will tell you to opt out of. And sometimes the right choice is not to choose. 

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