Wednesday, April 1, 2009

borderline bad people...

so in the april fool's tradition of mean pranks....i thought i would pull a little something on my parentals. every time we see them the inevitable, "so when will we be grandparents?" question comes up....and so i thought i should play into it....(note: we did not do this to bill and teresa...billy thought it was TOO mean) anyway so this morning around 830am i sent out the following text...

we just wanted to send some love to the newest grandparents in town! you will be able to see the newest little member of our family come oct 6th. (we made up that date and everything hehe)

and then i waited....approximately 30 seconds...before i was flooded with texts and calls from all first i laughed and thought...hey hey this is a good one...maybe i should drag it out for a couple hours until i got the following text back....

step mom: OMG!!! I just got the chills. I'm at the dr but i'm calling you when i get out...i'm crying!

and a voicemail that went something like this from my mom: "oh honey! i am so excited for you and billy! congrats! oh, i'm crying...."

needless to say the tears brought my little prank to an end and i had to give it up...i immediately sent out another text with april fools blasted across it...and although they laughed...i think this little joke of mine went over a bit too well :/ ....and now i have the parentals primed and ready for the real thing...uh oh...

so all in all i got a good laugh...until the tears came out....i started to feel kinda bad and the following message was sent....

step dad: you are borderline bad people

hahahahaha....well at least we know the parents are ready when we are! :)


  1. ummm yeah not so nice. funny... i found out i was preg on april fools last year and no one believed me. lol

  2. That is hilarious/sad. LOL. I do love that saying though...borderline bad people. I'll have to use that sometime!

  3. Ok, that really is funny...and sad. Brooks told everyone at work yesterday that I was pregnant and he was totally ticked about it. They all believed him, and were shocked when he told them he was kidding!

  4. I was totally gonna do this too, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. Ha ha. I love you guys!

  5. Ah!!! I almost did that to Tyson but didn't have the guts! I'm glad somebody was brave enough to do it then tell the tale! Good one!


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