Wednesday, April 22, 2009

nutter butter spring cleaning madness...

last night billy and i went to the grocery store to grab chicken for dinner and root beer :) anyway, as i strolled down the snack isle my eyes got hold of an oh so delicious package of nutter butter cookies! i had to have them! and so this morning my breakfast consists of none other then my nutter butters...healthy i know! haha...

as of lately bb and i have been on a spring cleaning kick...well actually just me but you can bet i have been dragging him along on this crazy little ride of mine! :) since we have been blessed with this amazing weather up here in utah i have decided that it's time to take advantage of the four hours of after work daylight and sunshine we have right least until it starts to snow again, ugh...anyway so monday we decided that our fhe (family home evening) project would consist of cleaning out our garage! yay! haha....anyway i started on it as soon as i got home from work and billy joined in as soon as he did and it only took us 1.5 hours! what!? yes and those of you who had seen our garage previously are probably saying the same thing...what!? :) it was a mess! and by mess i mean boxes from christmas presents....boxes from our dining room chairs....every sort of left over building material in the world and all of our odds and ends unorganized since the day we moved our little butts into our home. can imagine my excitement now when i pull into my little garage and see everything organized and clean! anyway....we were surprised and proud of ourselves when we realized the job that we had finished in just a short 1.5 hours and so of course we had to reward ourselves with Mikado's happy hour half priced sushi menu! yum.

Our next project you ask? our backyard! which our beloved animal has ever so kindly turned into a dump...dirt and all.


  1. Make your dog be nice to your backyard. I planted that sod almost three years ago. I was about 4 months pregnant.

  2. I'm so proud Tonya. Way to do a little spring cleaning. So I laughed out loud when I read that you guys were buying chicken and rootbeer. So random, it was just so funny. Che and I just cleaned out our garge too and raked our backyard. We're getting ready to plant some trees. I'm excited to start yard work! I love the outdoors!!!


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