Monday, April 27, 2009

big eyes + pouty lips = bad news...

so... i am sure i am going to hear about this post...if billy ever checks our blog! ;)

when bb wants something i get "the puppy dog eyes"...

funny...i know...this picture doesn't even do it justice either! it's ridiculously cute. needless to say i am in big trouble if our kidlets inherit this little ability.

the first time he gave me this look was when we were dating....and i immediately flashed back to the movie shrek...when the cat gives the same look!

uncanny...i know. oh i love him...


on a side note...last weekend we could be found laughing it up at the new wiseguys location at trolley square...lots of fun and fairly good food too!


  1. LOL, that is so funny. You will realize that when you have kids, BB's puppy dog eyes wont work so much anymore, because you will give in more to the kids puppy dog eyes.

  2. hilarious! my husband has a similar look.. and you're right.. its like a mind power they have over you.. just can't say no!

  3. Luckily Aaron doesn't have good puppy dog eyes- haha. He just whines. That cat...def my favorite EVER. =) We miss you guys!

  4. Oh have too much time on your

  5. Tonya...I'm telling Billy about this. Is nothing sacred anymore?! Even puppy dog looks get made public! haha -Al


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