Saturday, February 19, 2011


a friend asked the other night about being a mom...she has been thinking about starting the journey, taking that leap, but is i told her...i can honestly say that i loved my life before camden, i loved being married, i loved my freedom...but, i can also say that i have never been happier.

there really is something about the joy a child can bring into your life. now, that doesn't mean i don't have those mom moments where i feel annoyed, angry or stressed with camden, but it does mean that the sacrifices that i make on behalf of camden are necessary to help in forming that unending bond between a mother and a child. those times where i miss my freedom, those times i want to pull my hair out...are the times that make those intimate moments of love the most joyful moments in your life, because the effort makes it worth it.

thanks for teaching me everyday little one.


  1. glad to see you back on your blog! I just have to say that the pic that you posted on the last have one handsome little boy! I couldn't get over how amazing that picture was!

  2. What a perfect thing to say. You described motherhood so perfectly. The joy you get from it...there is just nothing like it, right?

  3. You said it so well. Motherhood is hard, but most of the time it fills your heart to overflowing!


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