Thursday, February 24, 2011


i feel as though one is the magic number for doctor appointment overhaul...even more so than when he was a newborn...alright i take that back, he had way more, and more frequently before six months than he does at one...but for the last six months i was spoiled and forgot that at one he would have to see all of his doctors here is what our month of march looks like:

march 9th health assessment at jordan development center (hearing and overall health)
march 10 cardiologist for an echo cardiogram and instructions for the next six months
march 14th early intervention
march 15th speech therapy evaluation
march 16th urology appointment
march 21st physical therapy evaluation
march 22nd primary's down syndrome clinic
march 25th early intervention

still to schedule: cam's one year early intervention evaluation, one surgery (which the urologist will consult on), a re-do on last month's unsuccessful blood draw (which i have been procrastinating) and a possible swallow study.

and i know i am spoiled and a lot of children have a much heavier schedule than this on a regular basis...but for future reference, next year i am spreading them out a bit more...especially since we spent the month of february in the instacare with four sets of the flu for our three member family.

but...i am thankful and blessed that we live in a day and age where camden has solutions to his health care needs, so bring on those doctors!


  1. Wow. Such a busy month ahead. Love your attitude though! I could learn from you. :)

  2. Oh my goodness, your schedule makes me tired just reading it! Hope it all goes smoothly and that April is nice and calm!

  3. WOWSA!! that is a busy month!! I guess it is good to most of it done before summer! and early inthe year and get deductables out of the way! Maddie went through the swallow study..not so bad! smiles

  4. Girl! Oh my gosh....I hope all these days do not turn into "one of those days!".....


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