Wednesday, February 16, 2011


it's 11:15pm as i start this...can't sleep, not that i sufficiently tried. it's been a long week, with countless sleepless nights, another flu, a slight case of the chickenpox from one year vaccinations, a few trips to the doctor (okay, after the last two weeks i might start to consider the hospital my second home) and a few prescription drugs. but we are alive, and camden's newest personality growth spurt has kept us happy, smiling and laughing.

have i mentioned that my boy likes, no loves, to dance...and the little guy has rhythm too. it started at around 8 months i want to say...when propped up on his arms he would sway a little to music, if he could hear some. it has now blossomed into a full on boogie...standing, sitting, laying...really in whatever position he may find himself in as a beat passes by on a tv show or commercial, the radio or dad singing...pretty much any beat will do. he might stop for a second as he looks over to you, as if to say...don't you hear that mom? aren't you going to dance? so i appease him and find myself in a dancing mood for the 30 seconds that the music might last and once i start to dance he begins again too. it really is quite adorable.

and the kisses...oh boy the kisses. this one has it bad for mad affection. and not just any kisses, the climb into your face and nose kiss you while i simultaneously hold you down and eat your cheek kisses. i really can't get enough of them.

he has also found his ability to capture attention...and it doesn't really matter who's attention that he gets...but be careful because once he gets it, he isn't going to let you go. this boy will do anything...wave vigorously, clap (three thousand times because you will inevitably say yay and clap along and he just can't get enough of that action), mom's all time favorite...pull your hair, yell, but in a cute funny way (well to us, maybe not to bystanders) he chucks everything off of his highchair...bread, crackers (but not before he squishes them into sand in his hands), juice, spoons, well pretty much everything, and then he looks over at me with this tiny grin that says: what mom? i finished! and we have inevitably become that family in the restaurant that leaves our table and those surrounding us in small shambles, even after i try to pick up what i can off the floor. but he is still shy at heart...and he nuzzles into me at first sight until he warms up a bit and i revel in it.

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